Glass Repair Services

GLASSDOORFIX® is dedicated to making your business run efficiently. Take advantage of our various programs that keep your business thriving and operating smoothly.

Industry Solutions

Over the sink mirrors, two way glass, custom shelving, and dressing room mirrors are just a few of the industry solutions Glass Doctor offers to give your business a professional edge.  Form and function are equally important to giving your hotel, school, or restaurant the look you want.

Emergency Services

When your business experiences broken glass windows or doors, reestablishing the security of your location is paramount. Glassdoorfix provides fast emergency glass repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week, offering emergency board-up for the damaged site as well as measuring services for quick glass replacement.

Storefront Doors

After you discover broken glass, especially in a storefront door or window, the first priority is to secure your business.  Glassdoorfix offers emergency services to business owners, including priority after-hours response and discounted emergency board-up services.

Door Closer Repair Services

Good business begins with an open door. Our door closer maintenance program is an affordable solution to keeping up with maintenance issues, including when doors become misaligned, are difficult to lock, close too quickly or slowly, and are leaking or damaged. Our team can maintain your door closers, hinges, thresholds and other hardware and accessories.

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