Broken Car Key Extraction Services


Believe us when we say that we know what we’re doing

Broken Car Key Extraction Services

Key snapped in the ignition? Or door? Then you’ll need a broken key extraction right away. Despite how stressful this can be, have faith in knowing that Glassdoorfix® can get to you anywhere in Metro Manila at any time of the day or night to extract the broken key for you. Additionally, we can replace it if need be, and have you on your way again.

We will arrive fully equipped with all the extraction tools we need to remove the broken key from any part of your car or vehicle, and cut a new key for you.

At Glassdoorfix®, many of our local technicians are trained to repair and replace all types of Roadside Assistance Including Jump Start, Fuel Delivery and flat Tire services we also repair glass doors, or including sliding glass doors. Our technicians, operating out of over 16 City s in the Metro Manila, Cavite and Rizal Province are available to help you today. Schedule an appointment online or call 09380991375 .

We Can Extract Keys From Your….

  • Car / Vehicle Door
  • Trunk
  • Gas Cap
  • Hood


If My Key Has Snapped In The Ignition, Will The Ignition Need To Be Replaced?

This depends on a few things. While we will arrive with all of the tools needed to perform a broken key extraction, there is sometimes extensive damage to the ignition from the key being lodged inside. This may warrant an ignition cylinder replacement.

In saying this, our licensed and experienced locksmith should be able to remove most keys from the ignition without the need for an ignition cylinder replacement.

Will My Car Door Lock Need Replacing?

In most situations, it is highly unlikely that your car door lock will need to be replaced. We have the equipment needed to extract broken keys and we would only never need to replace the actual lock itself if it was initially damaged by the jammed key.

Does A Broken Key Extraction Take A Long Time?

If it is just the key that is damaged and with no fault to the lock/ignition itself, the process of a broken key extraction can be fairly speedy. We’ve have experience in handling this problem for our customers quickly and efficiently.

Will I Need A Spare Key?

Broken keys are irreparable, meaning that, unless you have a spare key, you will need to have a new key cut. Fear not! Glassdoorfix® will be able to cut you a new car key there and then, on the spot, so it causes little disruption to your day or night.

What Does A Key Extraction Involve Exactly?

Essentially, when a car key breaks inside a lock cylinder (whether this is the door, ignition, trunk etc), it tends to be where the shaft of the key meets the head. Glassdoorfix®will use key extraction tools to remove the part that has become stuck inside of the lock cylinder. This is normally quite a simple and hassle-free process. The only exception is when the key may have potentially broken more than once, leaving numerous remnants of the key inside of the lock cylinder. However, this is quite rare.


Believe us when we say that we know what we’re doing. Our experience, being fully licensed and insured, and arriving at your location with all the tools we need to extract your broken key means that there really is no better locksmith service in Metro Manila

Remember, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – it’s never too late for us!

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