I locked my keys in the trunk. What should I do?

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How to Open a Trunk Without Keys

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If you lock your keys in your vehicle or can’t get your trunk open, there is still hope for you to open the trunk without keys. Doing this involves opening the doors and gaining access to the trunk area from inside your vehicle. Before attempting this, it is a good idea for you to have experience using a slimjim or other device used to open your vehicle’s doors without a key.

Slide the hook end of the slimjim between the the passenger side window and window trim at the bottom of the window near the door handle. Insert the slimjim down into the door.

Feel around with the slimjim for the lock rod. This is a rod that connects the door handle to the locking mechanism. It is located near the door handle on most vehicles. Negotiate the slimjim in the area around the door handle until you hook the rod. Once you hook the rod, you can unlock your passenger side door.

Pull up on the lock rod with the slimjim. When you hear your door lock click, the door will be unlocked.

Open the door and climb into the driver’s seat. Pull the trunk release to open the trunk.

If your trunk release is malfunctioning, climb into the back seat and locate the seat release lever. Pull this lever and fold the seats down. You can now climb directly into the trunk area of your vehicle.

Locate the trunk safety release lever in your trunk. It may be located near the back or front of your trunk depending on your vehicle. This lever is designed to prevent you from being accidentally locked in your own trunk. When you pull this lever, your trunk will open.

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